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A Word On Blogging my Blog

The Bottom Line I guess Is This:



Does anyone ever try mixing up their greetings and farewells from the exhaustion of repeating the same one over and over again, year after year, time after time.
Over the span of my 24 years I wonder how many times I've said 'Hello'?

As an English teacher overseas, living in a small Asian town, I do get a wee bit weary of repeating myself. So I tend to mix it up a bit and start; emails, blogs, Facebook messages, telephone calls, conversations in general and all the other communicative obligations in my life, in a variety of different ways.

A similar feeling of repetition has tainted my desire to write this blog. Thus I have not written anything since New Years, 4 or so months ago.
This feeling is supported by the fact that so few people use this tool to keep up to date with my goings on now that Facebook has arrived. If I was an interesting writer with great insights, stories and pictures then I could see the worth in it but I'm not.

So instead I will keep this blog as a summary of each adventure I have had since University to show my friends, new friends and students when the opportunity presents itself.

So take care and if your interested I have started writing a few Guides as a resource for those doing similar things as me like Teaching, learning Korean and Japanese and maybe guitar but I'm not so sure about that one.



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