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Citizenship: United Kingdom
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: ESL Teacher
Age: 24
Current location: Prague

Rather than an essay here's a few key points about me:

  • Huge Music Lover - Walkman glued into my ears, play guitar, enjoy music festivals and concerts. Music is a great friend to me.
  • Creative - Love designing products, making pictures, taking photos and thinking up new ideas for just about anything
  • Travel - I have been to a fair few countries at this point and I want to see many more like a ravenous moth eating a map of the world
  • Outdoors - I love to play football, run and cycle but in truth will try anything as long as it gets me outdoors and off my arse
  • Reading - I like a good novel like Grits or Norweigen Wood but I also love to learn and talk about social issues, travel and people so I read alot of non-fiction too.

Overall I just want to get through my life having learned somthing about the world in which we live and having enjoyed it in the process.

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