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I don't want to leave

but I must, for the greater good.

Welly well well,

Prague is AMAZING!! I could almost leave it at that but I guess I should mention what I've been up to. Right now as I'm typing I am thinking of adverbs, conjunctions, determiners and so on..... This is the result of 5 weeks of intensive study of the English Language and how to teach it. After this afternoon (fingers crossed) I should be a fully qualified teacher (but dont expect my spelling to improve any).

I really love this city with its beer (that doesn't give you a hangover), huka bars (that can realax even the most stressed out TEFL teacher), delicious food (thats damn affordable) and some of the most amazing architecture you'll ever see.
I could ramble for hours about the city itself .................. but I won't, however I will mention that I really enjoyed my time here and met some great Czech people, spent many nights drinking and singing and if I wasn't so broke I would stay.

So that leads me on to what now?
Well I'm going back to England for as shorter time as possible and then I will go back to asia to teach English.

Good bye Prague :' (

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