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100% stress, 100% fun and 2% finiancially beneficial

One morning upon waking in my friends flat in London feeling like shit as I have no job and an ever-worrying bank overdraft, I get a call from a sporting agency inviting me to attend an interview for a summer camp. In fact I had previously spoken with him through email but I buggered up my phone number several times and thought up until now that he had given up on me. So with a little more to live for, I got my smartest broken shirt out of my cupboard and got ready.
Skipping a long story short I had an interview, was called up that evening by the school and given a job just outside Blackpool teaching Spanish and Italian kids (8-17) in a huge summer camp.
A small point to make at this stage was that I had really enjoyed my time in London and had about a week left before the phone call that evening informing me that I had but one day left instead.
So in true London style I got fucking hammered with my mates and went to bed in the early hours.
I woke again feeling like a very different kind of shit to find I was already an hour behind schedule and would probably no definitely miss my train. I pack the last of my junk in a panicky, slightly drunk, very hung-over state and got on a bus for the station. Of course this was too much too soon and I had to get off early and throw-up and then once more when I finally got on the train.

A typical day involved getting up at 7:30am, shower, brekie and into the staff meeting at 8:30am. We would have a quick whinge about being unprepared and then head off to the classrooms and spend a good 6 hours teaching. There were two level groups to teach each and every day. There were 5 teaching days and one day of excursions and one day off, although I was often busy with something on my days off anyway.
After teaching was done we would have activities until 10pm involving sport or games of some kind. So most days were over 12 hours and a few days (testing days) involved 16 odd hours.
But as I was trying to teach my kids, its not about the bare ins and outs but about details and these are what made the last two weeks so unusual and eventful.

There were 3 teachers and 3 sports coaches. Everyone was fun and we got on well except for one guy who was a fucking nutter! He fancied himself to be Captain Jack Sparrow and although he does look like him in a rough around the edges sort of way and does do a good impression, he is in fact just a bit scary. The kids liked him because he was interesting but the ones who worked with him day in day out grew tired of him quickly and we a little put off by comments like “if I don’t get paid for this I’m gonna come back with an AK47 ……. I’m serious” or the constant contradictions in his philosophy. During the first few days I was working 16-hour days after my horrible hangover and was a little stressy. He was quite calm and told me to chill out and I did, so I am grateful for that but not long after he stated getting all stressy and angry himself. Eventually the school got sick of him and told him to leave.

Anyway, the summer school ended and I made my way back home after 2 weeks of teaching, stressing out, playing games, doing sport and getting a bucket of water over my head.

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