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All that's gone on between leaving and returning to NZ


So it's been nearly a year since I left NZ and I haven't blogged. That's not to say that nothing hasn't happened...


  • Done a months solid work on a new design portfolio

For the last few months in NZ I was reading a lot of design books and volunteering at an elderly home to get more product design knowledge and to satisfy my ever present designing itch.
When I got home I set to work on a new Product Design portfolio. Sleeping on the floor of my parents conservatory I made it into a make-shift room/studio. It went quite well and I ended up with a whole bunch of ideas and a solid theme for my portfolio but there's still much to be done. Hopefully I can concentrate on this back in NZ.

  • Worked in another Summer Camp


As always it was hard work but for about 1500 pounds and a month of nice people and sunshine then in the end it's all worthwhile. I made some good friends and that to me is one of the most important parts of these camps as they are so intense and stressful, you really need good people around you.
It's one of those things that consumes every pore while you're there and then slowly filters away once you've finished and left.

  • Gone back up north for a breather


Shortly after the camp it was time for a break so me and a mate I met at the camp went to various parks around Yorkshire (my home turf). We were uber disorganised but we were armed with a hairdressers car and a sense of adventure and in the end that was enough. I had a great time and succeeded in shaking off the camp.

  • Moved to Cambridge


So with my head together and having talked about it endlessly, it was time to decide where to move. Out of London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, and a few random others, I settled on Cambridge.
Cambridge is pretty good for me as it's not too big but there's things going on and the river and architecture are great. I moved in with some vegetarians (I'd recently become a vege) in a nice area close to the city centre. I've had a good time here and in this flat, which I'm sitting in right now and will be packing up later today.

Ok basic stuff I guess for someone who returned home to start finding work and somewhere to live. Bust there's a twist or subcontext behind a lot of this, which has led to my decision to go back to NZ for a bit. And that is:

My beautiful girlfriend Lilja

We met in New Zealand shortly before I left and despite what it seems like on paper, we really conected. So much so that we stayed in touch and used and abused Skype and anyhting else I could think of to keep a good dialogue going. Well it worked and 6 months or so later she came to stay with me in Cambridge and so started a great few months of:

  • Windsor & Cambridge

Picked up my girlfriend from the airport, stayed in a hotel in Windsor that my friend works in so we got treat like royalty and then took my very jetlagged Lilja to my house in Cambridge to sleep off her long long flight.

  • Edinburgh


We stayed with a friend of Lilja's who she met in NZ in snowy snowy Edinburgh. I'd been there a few times before but it's always nice to see it again.

  • Germany


Ah the big one... Germany. We had a real sucky time trying to get there because England and all it's airports were suffering from heavy snow so after boarding our Ryan Air flight we were told to get off and so started the lunacy.
Long story short (because I'm already bored of typing) We booked another flight for the following evening and spent the night at a friend's of a friends house with our friend there and we all made friends. No really they made us so welcome and we can never thank them enough.
Anyway, we got to Germany in the end after more delays and worry. We stayed at Lilja's mums house and spend a few weeks there being treated to great food, company and a lovely Xmas.
Then we went to stay with a good friend of Lilja's in Berlin who showed me around 'tour style' and we shared a fun New Years Eve at a friends house and then some awful Berlin style parties afterwards.

  • Brighton


Just a week ago we had our last UK trip in Brighton. We stayed for just a night but it was nice to go somewhere new and to spend time with Lilja before she left for her trip back to NZ via SE Asia (lucky girl).

  • **********************************************************************************************************************************

All this has brought about an awful lot of thoughts about priorities and running with what you have rather chasing what you don't. It's the one thing that brought me home and after further developments and exploration, it's the thing that has sent me back. I don't know if this right for me or not but it's new, exciting and that's what I'm all about so wish me luck.

And now I'm in England for about a week and a half more before I go back to Windy Welly to do some more teaching, travelling but this time I do it with a loved one. As the lassy herself told me "it's not going to be the same because it's different". That's not a direct quote but it's true. Even though I've lived there before and still have a few friends there, I will be in a relationship, living in a different home, in a different part of town and I'm now slightly different.

Anyway, that's enough psycho-babble. Thanks to everyone who listened to me and gave me advice through all of this.

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