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An EPIK Adventure in Korea

The most active year of my life

In 2007 I was Penny-less and broke (1500 pounds in the red) but with a newly achieved TESOL certificate in hand I packed up and left for KOREA (South Korea that is). While there I did venture to the infamous border one day, helped by a lovely family who ran a store, and glanced upon all the secret wonder of the North. I saw some trees and a big hill looking oddly similar to the trees and hills behind me to the south yet I couldn't take a single picture on pain of death.

But that's just one of many stories during that year. It all kicked off with about two weeks of Orientation: meeting my new friends, drinking, an awesome (and paid for) Japan visa run and then moving to my new home in the beautiful, peaceful town of Inje.

From then on it pretty much went like this:

  • Teaching in a Middle School and two Elementary schools in a rural town.
  • Rocking out and rolling in the mud at a mud festival (best time to do it).
  • Soaking up culture at the Busan Film festival.
  • Bunjee Jumping
  • White Water Rafting
  • Running 10km and 21km marathons
  • Enjoying many great, fun friends and parties
  • Biking and Camping my way around Jeju Island with two great friends
  • Water-sports
  • Hiking
  • Trail running
  • Freezing my but of in a Fish Festival
  • Living the highlife in a Kite Festival
  • Lot's of Football, baseball, basketball, cycling, Cheokgu
  • Traversing a mountain pass on a bike
  • Hitch-hiking
  • Kicking buts in Taekwondo
  • Swimming in the sea and walking on the beach
  • Getting down with my Buddhist side on a 3 night Temple Stay

What a fun filled year I had (gloat gloat). But it wasn't all fun fun fun, with any year away comes the inevitable ups and downs of life in a different world. Saying that, I really liked Korean culture and the Language (best alphabet ever) and working in public schools was a really good experience. Challenging for sure but overall it was great.

For sure I learned that I enjoy money and time : D but also that I prefer the simple fun of teaching elementary school students over the teenagers in middle schools.

I would go back and I would work for EPIK again. And all the times I had and friends I met I will remember and miss always.

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