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Through the lens into my eye, through my brain, down my finger and 'CLICK'

Above are my new Nikon D40 and one of my favorite shots from a trip to London.

'I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY' and yes I AM the guy that holds everyone up on a simple walk while I hover from the top of a park bench trying to photograph a piece of litter that has caught the sun.
But that's passion and passion is a very important thing (even if it means looking up from your last shot to find everyones left).

So, photography... Yeah... I've never had any training in it really or until now had the money or will to buy a DSLR but I've always loved capturing moments or the beauty in something that others have missed. On the other side of things I also love looking at other peoples photos of the same place I have just been and seeing how they perceived it.

I'm still learning slowly but due to my occupation (teaching English abroad) I have a lot of opportunities to get some nice shots. I prefer Landscapes and macro texture shots but of course I do try everything I think might work.

Some great photographers take a good shot and move on but I DO believe in documentation aswell as good photos. If I go on a trip or walk I like to shoot at fairly regular intervals so that you can track/see where I've been and what I did, who I was with etc. Not all photos have to be great.

I started using disposables and learned the hard way about thumbs and destroying film and so on. I never really took any decent shots until My family bought a Cheap film camera but even then, they weren't that amazing, just a way of my photographing subject matter to use in my Art studies.
But then Digital photography came about and in Uni I could afford my own camera. I got a Sony and followed that with a better Sony a few years later. Sony's are quite nice but I hate their 'exclusive' memory cards. Next up was a Samsung NV10 with a great user interface but (as I found out on Lake Baikal in Russia) a hatred for the cold. After fixing that and having it break again grrrrr... I got something I could still carry around but expand my photography skills, a Nikon P5100....

...Sorry if this is boring you, go on skip ahead to the photos, I don't mind...

which I dropped into the sea in Thailand. It was only for a second or two but it was as dead as a doornail when it surfaced. My cameras have a habit of dying on me in wonderfully scenic places. But then again they are usually quite sandy, cold, wet and other conditions that kill cameras.
I bought a little Nikon somthing or other to fill the void until I got home that was crap and then after much research decided on two cameras that I am using today:

Nikon D40
For artsy shots and anytime I can be bothered to lug it around

Panasonic TZ5
For parties and when I can't be bothered to take the Nikon

Panasonic combined with an Aquapac
For when I'm in camera killing environments like Sand, Sea, Rain, Snow etc.

So I though I would just give you a few examples of some recent photo's I took on a trip to Ireland. I have chosen some that might reflect how I choose my shots. They are not a representation of my best work but just of how I work and I hope my explanations don't sound too pretentious.

  • Just as a reference on the 8 days I was on the road and after ones I deleted I had 700 or so photos.

For tall objects I like to get low (real low) and fit it all in and if there's a plaque I try get that in too. I like dramatic angles.

Light and texture example from a rock in a shop window at a Mine visited.

A nice landscape but was dull without the tree which also added colour

Loved the dramatic light mostly and chose to have more sky because the road I was standing on ruined the effect if put in the foreground.

A combination of reflection and the cool sand texture caught my eye, then it was just a case of framing it and getting low so the lines ran from foreground the the back of the photo

Who doesn't love a sunset? Just made sure the white balance and exposure were right and cropped/zoomed out any unnecessary objects.

Went to the beach during sunset to catch the wonderful reflections and colours. Then took advantage of my friend as subject matter to break it up a bit and have a focal point

Same location enjoying the silhouette made by my friend. Got low so he seemed further from the ground and made sure the reflection was in frame and all was in proportion.

I love low cloud on mountains and with this shot I used quite an orangey WB to contrast the other colours

Saw this mass of signs and it reminded me of how I felt often on this trip... lost. Shot out of the car window I blurred it to make it feel like I do when I'm lost.

I like to photograph signs and to give them context so I framed it so both the landscape and sign worked together

Loved the texture and colour of the rocks in this area and for this one just dramatized the angle to get more of the texture pattern in shot

Got lots of shots of the surrounding cliffs but the soft grass was distracting from the texture and colour of the rock so I just took this to remind myself how it looked (Documentation!).

Maybe not the best example but scale is always important. Plus I like the hard perspective lines

I could take pics of trees all day long. For this one I leaned my back against the trunk looking up to get the texture and a strong perspective. Upside-down is not wrong, just different

The ground can often be overlooked but I like to picture any parts that grab my attention for documentation.

mmm soft and green. A look at colour and light.

The view from this mountain gave a good view of the land below but the ever moving light between the clouds was more interesting to me so I tried to capture this.

Lot's of horse and carriage rides going back and forth so just crouched out of the way and waited ready.

Several different view of this mountain were on offer but I liked this one best as it had a bit of everything in layers

Just loved the way the road split in direction and height with the signs in the middle

This was actually a full rainbow from end to end but as I was in Ireland I figured I'd focus on the where the pot of gold may be

On a boring walk found a church and snook inside and saw this. Black and white made it softer.

Ahhh I cheated, sorry. This is actually a crop from a larger photo but this was my intended shot, just didn't have a good enough zoom lens.

I like shots form the ground looking up and this tower had those big blocks of light and I thought I'd get in there for the hell of it after instructing my friend what I wanted.

Another documentation of the bus load of French teens going to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Just for the drama of it. I'm in black and white this day as it was cloudy and I like castles in B&W

A quick change back into colour to get this shot of the grounds and towers. I put the moats leading from the bottom left corner for effect

There was a break in the flow of people for a few seconds so I took this of the stairwells curves and shapes.

A torrential downpour while driving on a bleak afternoon so took this as documentation mostly and I also like the raindrops.

Took a bit of time to frame it right to highlight the water and get the castle in shot but got there in the end. Patience is a virtue.

This was the best way to beat the sun from blocking his face and the tower detail and has nice perspective.

Finally just an example of my love of water reflections. Portrait got all the tree and reflection in shot.

Bit long I know and I'd love to put a whole bunch of my favorite shots over the years up but I'm lazy and I think putting my shots of one trip together helps explain how I see potential shots. For other photos of mine check out the slideshow videos of all my trips on the other pages and my recent shots of my guitars.

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