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After having this blog for a few years or so now I realized only today that it's really only been about my travels abroad so Over the next few days I hope to update this blog to reflect some of the other sides of my personality starting today with my love of music and musical instruments.

In my collection so far I have a Yamaha Guitar, a Mahalo Ukulele (a new addition to the crew), a Lee Oskar Harmonika, A Chinese Violin and Flute... I think that's all, I'll check later.
I'm not saying I play all these that well but I love them and they are mine.

I do play my Guitar and Ukulele as much as possible and here are some photo's of my collection and maybe a video or two of my playing them if your lucky/unlucky.... you decide.

This is my Concert Mahalo Ukulele

This is my Yamaha FG-402MS Acoustic Guiar

This is me playing my Uke

These are my other instruments

  • ***More to follow...maybe

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